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Let's Change!

Posted by Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira on September 16, 2013 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)


We're probably going to change the theme soon to a more suitable theme for the season!

Look out for it!

KL and JT


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We have 20 books!!!! Wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 




Sorry! (Again!)

Posted by Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira on April 6, 2013 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi! Kate and Jessica here with some bad news. :(

We're afraid to read the rest of Alex Mason and the Smoky Forest 2- A new girl, A new adventure you will have to go on your phone, tablet and maybe Iphone and Ipad and download Adliko and then download any of our books!!!!! Wow! This is so we can get more people to download our book and win WORLDWIDEFAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kate Leonard and Jessica Teixeira :D

P.S You can also download it on your laptop or PC if you go on http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/281546 for the first book, http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/295357 for the second book and http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/295882 for Lazy, Lazy pony!


Chapter 7 of big book 2!

Posted by Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira on March 12, 2013 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)


This is chapter 7 of big book 2!

Forest of darkness

Using stealth they crept into the forest. Then they jumped onto their dragons and flew above the trees, over the gate and then down onto the ground.

Alex started looking at his map. The Pombay Mountains was a long way away. Suddenly he heard a noise. He looked at his map. Trolls!? He sent a quick message on his compass and jumped into a tree.

Soon a big green hairy monster stomped past. Everyone slid down. Alex made a fire. If there were trolls, He wondered, will there be pixies? Or fairies? Or elves? Alex was scared as he slept.

In the morning he woke to hear a chop! Then another. Chop! Chop! Charlie and Patrick were chopping down trees for fire wood. Sweat was all over their foreheads.

Alex ate some cooked mushrooms and stewed grass. This may sound disgusting but it was all he had got. Then he went to collect grass so Kate could so she could sew together the sheep skins.

Suddenly Sophia had an idea! “Guys!” She shouted. “We’re still in our school clothes! Let’s pretend we are a wandering tribe!”

So the next few hours were spent making costumes and wooden spears out of book pages, cloth, sheep wool, leather, stones and tree branches.

Alex then saw a page of a book. He read it.

Alex Mason almost died on January 31st. yesterday. I mourn for his parents, poor souls. Yet now he lives. He does not know he almost was killed by a Wagtail which was turned evil.

Note to self: Wagtail half horse half dog.

Bellamus Monamus

Age 90

Date: 1st February 1990

Alex’s parents have been buried today. I hear someone has already made a book on them. Huh! It won’t bring them back! The boy is in the care of his Nan and granddad. Poor boy. I was at his parent’s burial. Two ebony coffins. I cried. I don’t usually cry but they were such dear friends to me. Now I have no friends.

Alex was taken back. This man, he had known his parents. Not just known, but had been friends with them. Best friends.

Sophia tapped his back. He stuffed the paper into his back pack and then started making his costume. He tied together some thick branches and sharpened them all with a stone at one end. That was his spear.

Then he grabbed a bit of sheep wool and got some scissors. He hacked at the sheep wool until it was in the right shape. Then he made a sort of vest, which was actually a load of book pages tied to his body.

He pulled on the sheep wool and tied book pages around his legs. His stick was hidden in all the sheep wool. Sophia came out of her tent. Apparently, she was the tribe reader. Her costume was made entirely of book pages!

Her feet were covered in small strips of paper and her legs were too. Then she had made a sort of dress out of book pages. Then her arms were covered like her legs!

Kate came out of her tent. She was the tribe animal enchanter because (This is true, by the way) she could enchant animals and hear what they had to say. She wore a load of sheep wool hacked into a sort of dress shape.

Ben came out with a bit of sheep wool here, a stick here, and a few book pages here! He had to go back into his tent and get redressed! But after he had finished they packed up and got on their dragons.

Hope you like it!


Kate Leonard and Jessica Teixeira :D

Chapter 6 of big book 2!

Posted by Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira on March 11, 2013 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)


Here is chapter 6 of big book 2!

P.S So sorry this is a small chapter :(

Dragon training

Alex was handed the blue dragon. He stroked its blue nose gently. It seemed to purr! Ben got the yellow dragon. It looked at him in a strange way, almost like it was x-raying him! Kate got the red dragon. But even he was purring gently at Kate’s touch!

Soon everyone was training. Kate was yelling at her dragon, not because he had been bad, encouraging him. Saying things like “Come on!” Or “You can do it!”

He was soon blasting apart metal boxes in a second of flames. Alex’s gentle one wasn't gentle to the dummy! It shot little blue flames out of its mouth and bit the dummy so hard its stuffing fell out!

Ben’s went round and round the dummy, faster and faster until Whoosh! Fire licked the dummy up. Ben was just about holding on! Then Kate shouted “STOP! You are all ready. Let us go forwards to Professor Zipplezack!”

Professor Zipplezack was waiting for them. “Ah.” He sighed. “I wish I could come with you. But there are a few last things I will give you and a few more things that I will tell you. Firstly I will give you this.”

He handed them all Golden cloaks. Alex put his on and he disappeared! Then Professor Zipplezack gave them all a golden compass! Its needles moved around.

To use it they turned some handles at the back. Then everyone else’s glowed with the message! Then he spoke. “And finally I give you this.” He handed them a map each. Little figures showed them who was in every place!

“Now to tell you. The person you are hunting is called Rever Rampo. He is a magic man. A bad one. He is very powerful. He has one good tooth and the rest are black. Good luck.”


See ya later!


Kate Leonard and Jessica Teixeira :D


Posted by Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira on February 19, 2013 at 12:05 PM Comments comments (0)


Here is chapter 5 of book 2!

P.S So sorry for big break!

Why us?

He seemed to already know what they were going to say. Their words seemed to almost not come out of their mouths.

“So you see professor, he just, well, vanished!” Sophia trembled.

“Vanished you say?”

“Yes professor.”


He watched his rats for a bit and then fed them sunflower seeds. Then he muttered to his self. He looked worried. Suddenly he ran to the bookshelf and pulled out an old dusty book. It said:

How to make, use and destroy a silver whistle.

Alex was joyous. They could finally destroy the whistle! He turned to: How to destroy a silver whistle and/or its owner

To destroy the owner and the whistle you will need to wait ‘till moonlight in one night and collect lava drops from the lava pool of the east. Then you must wait ‘till full moon again and collect dew drops from the tree of wisdom in the west. Then you must take three blades of grass from the Pombay Mountains in the south again at full moon. Then return to where you started and mix them all up at full moon in a rusty black cauldron full of hot bubbling water. Then say these words: Die, thou art devil from which I have travelled yonder te Pombay Mountains and ye lava pool of te east, ye tree o wisdom an ye still gonna challenge me? Ga on than.

Then throw this potion at the whistle and its owner. They will melt away…

The professor looked concerned. He looked at a map. On it, it said:

Cross swords castle to the north.

Lava pool to the east.

Pombay Mountains to the west.

Tree of wisdom to the south.

He then muttered, “Dragons, perhaps. Or maybe horses? No Dragons.”

He turned to Jessica. “You know how to saddle up dragons, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“In the courtroom. As many as possible.”

She sped off.

“Now. All you better get padding on your legs and arms. Dragons aren’t comfy you know.”

Everyone sprinted to the dormitory. Alex pulled some leather from out of his suitcase and an old T-shirt, pair of socks and an even older pair of socks!

Ben put on some of his oldest hand knitted sweaters. He was padded up! Sophia used thick pages out of books tied together with string.

Kate used lots of sheep wool because at night they could use it to sleep on. She had already been taught how to ride a dragon many years ago, since she was brought up with half the animal kingdom!

Patrick used golden silk. This was silly because first, dragons love gold and second, silk is very thin. Charlie used tough leather.

Jessica raced over to them.

“They’re ready!” She panted. “Kate helped me with the Bargon because it’s in a fiery mood.”

She was holding a gentle looking blue dragon and a strange looking yellow dragon. Kate was holding two fiery red dragons and three rainbow coloured ones. Two muscular black ones were tied to a strong post of metal.

“Before we go you need to train with your dragon.” Kate yelled over the noise.

Train? Thought Alex. With a dragon!


Kate Leonard and Jessica Teixeira

Chapter 4 of book 2!

Posted by Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira on February 8, 2013 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (0)


Here is chapter 4 of book 2!

Gallop for your life!

Alex woke quickly. A strong thundering noise had started. Everyone was up. It was horses. Lots of them.

“Gallop!” Yelled Charlie. “Gallop for your life!”

They all sprung onto their horses and galloped away, keeping together in the cover of the leaves. “Keep going!” Called Patrick. So everyone kept going. Suddenly everything stopped. The thundering went away. They were at a gate.

It was an old metal gate, still strong, but old. It had a keyhole. An old, rusty keyhole. Alex slid the key in. Everyone held their breath. It clicked. The gate opened with a nasty creak! They hurried through it on their horses.

Now the wood was unpleasant. The trees were black and had no leaves. The path was full of little rocks and dried up tree roots. The horses stumbled so much they had to go on foot and lead the horses.

All of a sudden the horses stopped. A flash of light almost blinded them. Then, in front of them, was clearly the thief of the whistle. He had one dirty black tooth and the rest were gold. He smiled and said “Rever wishes you goodbye, since you will not see me again. Ha!” With that he disappeared.

They made notes of his speech then got on their horses and walked steadily to the gate. Then they galloped back to the castle and told Professor Zipplezack of their find.


Kate Leonard and Jessica Teixeira

Chapter 3 of book 2

Posted by Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira on January 30, 2013 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)


Here is chapter 3 of book.. 2!

School is sad

As they went through Sword swipe ally, it was not bustling with people, only a few shoppers were coming to buy things.

Alex was put on the second bird with Ben, Sophia and Kate. They sat at the front because no one out of their year was there.

Soon, after ten hours, they landed and Belquick ran to them laughing. “You’re safe! You didn’t die! You are still here! Take the second row, you’re all to yourselves.”

It was true; no one out of their year was here! It was all so very sad. They stepped sleepily upwards, step by step. Soon they were at the great hall.

They watched the first years get put into different groups and then looked at Professor Zipplezack, waiting for a speech.

“Welcome first years and hello again second years and… Merlin help us! There’s only four second years and seventy first years, two twins in third year and two sixth years!”

He was right to be shocked. Usually there was at least one hundred first years! Now the hall looked bare and empty, one table was filled [All the first years had gone to Chello Chore.] so no people were eating.

Alex was really surprised. The whistle… Wait! Where was the whistle? Someone could have taken it by now! Oh no, not again!

As he went to the common room he saw Kate trying to comfort Jessica, who thought it would be the end and that the whistle would hunt them down.

Alex sat in a comfy seat next to the roaring fire. Jessica was there too. She was sitting on the rug next to the fire.

Alex said what he thought had happened to Ben. Ben looked worried. “If so,” He said softly. “That whistle could kill us anytime anywhere…”

“Not in the castle it won’t.” Kate laughed. “Professor Zipplezack put a protection around the school. The whistle would just bounce off.”

They were all joyous for a second. Teachers had saved them!

“But who made the whistle” Sophia asked. No one knew. It could be an ordinary whistle with bad things rubbed into it or it could have been made bad for a reason.

When Alex went to his Dormitory He looked around. Usually it was different every year or so. So it was. They were in a clean stable with fresh straw on the ground…

Wait! There were horses in the stables! It was a royal stable! They had to look after the horses!

Alex’s was a chestnut mare with gentle brown eyes and a flowing main and tail. He saw it was limping and also saw a hoof pick on the wall.

He picked it up and started picking out the horse’s feet.

As soon as he had finished, used to having job after job piled onto him, He brushed the horse and washed it, fed it fresh oats and cleaned out the dirty hay until; at last, he lay onto a pile of hay in the corner and slept.

In the morning he woke up to see professor Zipplezack’s laughing face. He got up and looked at the other stalls. The horses in them were limping, dirty and one was even soaked to the skin! Only Kate’s was perfect.

Then professor Zipplezack put on a stern face and boomed. “CHILDREN!

Those of you who have left your horses, why? Why have you neglected them? Tend to them at once and put their saddles and bridles on at ONCE!”

Alex worked hard to get his horse into top position. Soon it was gleaming. Professor Zipplezack smiled. “Now, follow this map, all of you, and you will be able to hunt down and destroy the whistle and, if possible, the owner. Now hop to it!”

They all mounted their horses and galloped out. Soon they were in the smoky forest, which stretched far beyond Cross Swords but had a gate, to which professor Zipplezack had gave Alex the key.

It was a golden key, with red ribbon around a hole in it. It looked ancient! Professor Zipplezack had said that it was over a hundred years old!

As they trotted through the evening sunshine, Alex thought they should make camp. So he told the others and they stopped, got off their horses and started doing multiple tasks.

Some made the tent, some gathered fire wood and some searched for food in their bags. There was a lot of ‘Hey! That’s mine that is!’ And ‘Hands off!’ but finally they got the tent up.

Alex relaxed by the fire on a big rug. This was wonderful! Then he ate a bit of fish and curled up inside a tent in his rugs. Then he slept very, very peacefully.


Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira

The Backtisor Championship, chapter three!

Posted by Kate Leonard + Jessica Teixeira on January 23, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The Backtisor Championship

Suddenly the carriage jolted to a stop. Alex stepped out to hear cheering that almost blew his ears off! Mr Besloo murmured “Just in time too, silly unicorns almost took a wrong turn.” Then he looked brightly at Alex. “Hello boy. Look sharp!”

Alex was about to ask why when a ball suddenly flew over his head. This was no ordinary ball though. It was a stone ball!A tiny little man with a grey beard greeted them. “I am Sam Flint and if you are the Besloo’s? Yes? Pitch 16,112. Please enjoy your stay.”

Alex was lead through pitches of grass, stone and cobbles. Finally they arrived at pitch 16,112. It was a muddy pitch with a small patched tent on it.

“Sorry about the lodgings.” Mr Besloo muttered. Patrick laughed when he saw the inside. Everyone crowded inside. What Alex saw was amazing! Inside was a proper room with a kitchen, bedroom and living room, all crammed into one! Amazing!

“Alex, dear, your bed is next to the radiator… Callum, Callum! Off the vases! Oh my!” Mrs Besloo shouted.

Alex lay on his bed when suddenly he heard shouts of “It’s starting!” And “Make way!”

Mr Besloo sighed. “Here we go.” He muttered. “Same every ten years.” He lead them through the crowd and into a huge stadium made out of diamond. They went higher and higher until they reached the tenth row.Alex sat down. He saw people with sticks as big as themselves get onto a stage in the middle of the stadium. The men started fighting. One by one they dropped out.

Soon there was only two left! Ben was cheering for one in purple robes. The other had yellow robes.

“When I blow the whistle you will start.” A big man in black robes boomed. “Now!!!!”

He blew a silver whistle. The whistle’s shrill echo went around the stadium. Suddenly everyone in the first and second row fell down. The fighters also fell down. So did the man.

“Plug your ears!” Yelled Mr Besloo. Everyone did as told. Soon the whistle’s echo had stopped. They were lucky. Everyone else had either fainted or, Alex sadly thought, died. Mr Besloo led them out. No one was alive outside. Everyone had fell down. Some onto tents, some into water barrels, ponds and even fires.

Someone had upset the stones in which a fire lay and now the whole camp was alight.

“Get to the coach.” Mr Besloo growled. “Let no one know of this…”

“Help!” Called a faint voice.

They all ran in that direction. A young girl was stuck in a blazing tent. They got water buckets and threw them onto the fire.The young girl had very dark brown hair, almost black, and the prettiest hazel eyes you had ever seen. Yet her clothes were torn, burnt and dirtied.

“What is your name love?” Mrs Besloo asked kindly.

“Jessica.” She sobbed. “Jessica Larven.”

“Now then, I’ll sort you out. Come on chick, into the carriage. There’s a good girl.”

She sobbed all the way home. She had obviously lost all her family, relations and friends. Everyone had turned up to see the Backtisor Championship.When they were in the house they got phone calls from everywhere, as far as Japan and Antarctic! Ben’s family had a lot of relations.

Apparently, they were the only survivors. “That whistle killed off more people than Salusa, and he did a lot of killing here and there.” Mr Besloo groaned. Just the mention of Salusa made Alex shiver, even though he had killed him over a year ago. But how did a whistle kill people and who made it? Alex wondered.


Jessica Teixeira and Kate Leonard

Chapter 2!

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Here is chapter 2!

The rescue

 As he lay on his rags that night he watched the moon on his ripped walls. Suddenly there was a crack that broke the silent night.


And with that, six unicorns galloped down the street. As they got closer he could see the first one was Kate! Kate slid off her unicorn and easily barged open the door.


Alex ran to his suitcase and pushed his stick inside. Then he sprinted down the stairs. Kate’s grinning face appeared at the doorway. “Hi Alex!” She called. Ben quickly came over and helped him onto a unicorn. There was no saddle or bridle!


Patrick grinned at him and off they went! As they galloped over fields and leaped over fences, Alex caught sight of the house Ben stayed in. Ben came over to him and whispered “It’s called Crystal cottage.”

Cottage! He thought, It looks like a tower!


The house was indeed a whole lot bigger than a normal house and everything was a light blue colour. As they trotted to the front door it became very early morning.


A woman with a blue dress and black hair greeted them at the front door. She was happy and cross at the same time!


“Callum, Callum I’ve been worried SICK! And Patrick, you should know better. You’re 16 and still acting like a child. Oh Charlie, stop grinning at me like that. Ben, Kate, I guess it was your idea.”

Ben and Kate grinned at Alex.

“Sophia’s inside. She said she didn’t want to get in trouble. Hmmm.”

Alex looked around Chrystal cottage.Everywhere he looked there was bottles of ink and potions, little paper scrolls and quills, maps of places Alex had never heard of!


Alex was staying in Ben and Kate’sroom. This time he slept in a bed of his own, not on the elephant!


As he slept he dreamed of many thingslike going back to Cross swords as a second year! No bad dreams could infiltrate his sleeping mind.


In the morning he got dressed and trudged down stairs. Ben and Kate were packing a trunk. Sophia was there too!


“Alex! We are packing for the Backtisor championship! Come on!”

Alex hurriedly packed a ragged suitcase and piled it into a giant carriage which was drawn by Unicorns!


Then he got into the carriage with his suitcase on his knee. As the carriage jolted along, with Bens dad steering it, he wondered, Where will I go now?


Kate Leonard and Jessica Teixeira